The power of photography continues to strengthen despite the progressive new technology that continues to develop. Ever since photography developed in the 19th century, the human race has used photographs to preserve memories, inspire others, grab our attention, and capture moments in time with a single click. It will be granted to the reader that a photograph does not convey something as specific as a Scottish surname. But then, unless the hearer of the name has emotion or memory attached to the name it is worth nothing emotionally. This is why photographs are so important.

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There are many types of photography, but a single trait that is embodied in every photograph is beauty in some form or another. In the case of photography, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What is beautiful to one person, may not be beautiful to another. But photography, regardless of how we perceive it, stands out to us because there is some sort of meaning and message behind it. From a baby’s first photo, to the last photos of a family before a death, photography freezes a single moment in time and embodies lifelong memories. Photography can also be a tool in passing on stories of the past. For those who weren’t alive or physically present during an event, photography can be used as a way to learn more about connecting to the past and the moments we missed out on. And that in itself, is what we perceive as beautiful photography. With this in mind, are all photos universally beautiful in their own way?

The camera captures beauty, which has a lot of power in of itself. This includes the power of inspiration, and the power of provoking thought. Not only can photography capture memories, but it also has the power to inspire change. Photography can raise creative inspiration which can result in positive outcomes. A photo of a blushing bride on her wedding day can invoke the feelings of jealousy, love, pride, and happiness. A photo of a child running from burn wounds in the midst of the Vietnam war sparked outrage and a cry for change, and the girl would be forever known as the “Napalm Girl“. A photo of a worried mother in the midst of the Great Depression tells the story of the true hardship of the era while trying to raise a family, and she would be forever known as the “Migrant Mother“.

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The photographer is the artist and the messenger, and the creator. The position behind the lens is important and yet, exceptionally powerful. The photographer is the preserver of memories, and the bull horn that inspires change. Photography comes in all forms, and regardless of content, once the camera clicks and the negatives develop, a photo can last forever, and that moment embedded in our history for as long as we keep paying attention.